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  • Cave "Le Clos la Neuve" à Pourrières
  • Born in 1966 in Lille (North of France), I later spent 13 years in Seine et Marne (close to Disneyland Paris) before arriving in Provence twenty years ago.

    The intense and luminous Provence nourishes my painting. Initially attracted by the sea, I wanted to retranscribe through the yellows and the reds the crushing heat and the amazing and entrancing light. Through juxtaposed colours, my painting is modelled to give a concrete form to my feelings, perceptions, emotions : my joy, my excitement, my rage, my doubts, my enthusiasm, my despair, my exaltations... Life.

    All these emotions conveyed by artistic creation reach their true meaning only if they are shared with others.

    This sharing initially took place with my husband, my first critic, whom I thank for his presence at my side...

    “When the colour is at its richest, the form has reached plenitude” Paul Cézanne

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